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Shingles vaccination

If you are were aged 70. 78 or 79 on 1/9/2014 you can book into a shingles clinic at DHC or RMC.

By booking into a shingles clinic you can have both shingles and flu jabs at the same time.

Can shingles be prevented?

There is now a vaccine for shingles. The vaccine reduces the chances of you developing shingles and, even if you do develop shingles, then the disease is likely to affect you less severely. The national shingles immunisation programme is recommended for perople aged 70-79 but is being introduced in phases. Your GP surgery will be in contact with you if you are eligble.

Who will get the vaccine?

If you were born on or between:

02/09/1943 to 01/09/1944

02/09/1935 to 01/09/1936

02/09/1934 to 01/09/1935