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Update on Travel Vaccinations

Following a review of our services we need to advice you that we have ceased to be a Yellow fever immunisation has always been a convenient service for our Patients, but due to increasing demands on staff we have prioritise the other services we offer. We are sorry for any future inconvenience it may cause to our patients.

Additionally, we have also stopped providing courses of Rabies, hepatitis B for travel, Men ACWY, Japanese Encephalitis or Tick Bourne Immunisations.

We continue to provide core travel advice and immunisations per our NHS remit. The NHS vaccines are Hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, cholera, and any combined vaccine that has one of these disease protections in it.

Local Providers of Private Travel Immunisations

Marston Travel Centre – Old Road, Marston. Oxford. tel 01865243824

Oxford Private Medical Practice – Mayfield House, 256 Banbury Road, Oxford – Tel 01865423425

The Manor Hospital – Beech Road, Headington, Oxford. Tel 018653077777