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Infection Control Annual Statement 2016

Donnington Medical Partnership

Infection Control Annual Statement 2016

The aim is to continually review and improve the Practices infection control processes.

Annually we will summarise:

  • Details of staff training
  • Updates or reviews of guidelines /policies
  • Details of audits undertaken, with follow update actions if needed.
  • Updates of any reported transmission incidents and recommendations if this has occurred.

Fran Kelly, Practice Nurse and Alan Mordue oversee Prevention of Infection. Fran is the Infection, Prevention and Control Lead.

It is intended that Fran will attend a formal training update in 2017, so she can continue to cascade training to others within the Practice and ensure the policies reflect best practice. She occasionally attends the weekly reception meeting to discuss elements of Practice infection control issues.

Alan Mordue, the Practice Manager undertakes to regularly inspect the general buildings, to maintain safety and ensure general maintenance is undertaken, if needed. He also liaises with the external waste disposal company and cleaning company. Staff are encouraged to report issues to him as soon as they are identified, so that they can be quickly deal with, for example blocked sinks, faulty equipment. We are currently planning to re plaster and protect with reinforced strips, some areas of consulting rooms that have become damaged by movement of equipment.

Significant events

None reported in the last 12 months.


In November 2016, an Infection Control risk check list was completed.

In May 2016- a hand washing audit was completed.

Every 6 months an accredited lab tests that the water is free of Legionella bacteria; we also monitor water temperature each month.

Cleaning arrangements.

Cleaning logistics is an external company that is employed by the Practice to undertake the cleaning each evening and remove the clinical waste and normal waste to secure bins. We have a cleaning schedule that Alan Mordue oversees; we do spot checks of the rooms, external bins and cleaning cupboards to ensure, for example, that the mops are stored correctly. Alan laisses closely with the Cleaning Company manager if there are discrepancies. Staffs are encouraged to report any reduction in the standard of cleanliness.

We undertake regular deep cleans of the treatment rooms and waiting area; these are done at weekends and involve removing furniture, and cleaning surfaces extensively


We have minimum toys in both the consulting rooms and the waiting room, these are cleaned weekly.


Couch curtains are all disposable and changed 6 monthly or if soiled.

We are in the process of planning to replace some window blinds on the ground floor, with ones that are easier to clean.

Staff Training.

All sinks have a pictorial display of correct hand washing techniques, this includes the patient toilet.

Staff hand washing is part of the induction and we now have annual hand washing reminder meeting and audits.

We also use Blue stream training ,staff undertake modules relating to Infection control

Policies and Procedures

Polices related to infection Prevention and Control are reviewed and updated regularly.

This statement will be uploaded on to the practice website annually.