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Private Work Fee List

Private work fee list


HGV / Taxi medical





DNA test






Private letter i.e. “To Whom It May Concern”



From £35

More if more longer or more complex letter



Simple statement of fact (1 or 2 lines)





Private sickness certificate





Confirmation of pregnancy dates for flying





Fitness to travel / fly


(please note that doctors would state “no obvious reason not to fly currently” rather than “fit to fly”)


£35 if simple statement from notes, no examination. If examination required will need a private medical examination – £130



Fitness to exercise


£35 for proforma letter saying no obvious contraindication to exercise from notes. If examination required £130 charge as above



Holiday cancellation form


£45 (unless very long or complex)


Insurance report



£130 (for up to 30 minutes work). Longer reports according to time taken – £265 per hour



Sickness report for employer





Report i.e. for court


£130 for up to 30 minutes work – longer reports charged at £265 per hour



Adoption medical





Assessment of mental capacity with examination (where GP feels able to undertake this work)





(may be more if particularly complex case)


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