Clinics and Services




Child Health Clinics

  • Tuesday – 12:00-15:00 Immunisations. Bookable appointments only.
  • Thursday – 11:30-12:30 Immunisations. Bookable appointments only.

Vaccination Schedule

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image of asthma inhalers

Asthma Clinics

Regular review of asthma treatment is important to keep symptoms well controlled. Clinics are provided by our Practice Nurses. Please book via reception.

Many of these reviews will be done over the phone or by video consult.

Asthma Questionnaire


Diabetes Clinics

All patients with diabetes are supported and reviewed regularly by the practice nurses at our Diabetes clinic. Diabetes clinic appointments are booked via reception.


Wellbeing Clinic

This is run every Thursday by or local Mental Health Charity MIND. Making sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support. 

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Family Planning

The Practice offers a range of contraceptive services during normal surgery times, including emergency contraception. Please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.


Maternity Care – Antenatal Clinics

You can book a midwife appointment at Florence Park Children’s Centre. Please contact the midwives to arrange your appointments.

Pregnancy Care Planner


Cervical Smears

These are done by our practice nurses. Please ask reception for a smear test appointment.


Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive

Contraceptive injections are provided by our practice nurses.

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Sexual Health Clinic

If you think you are at risk of, or have, a sexually transmitted infection, please call the genitourinary medicine clinic at the Churchill hospital directly on 01865 231231. No GP referral letter is required.


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Health Checks

We ask all our new patients to see one of our healthcare assistants so that we can introduce you to our practice, check your blood pressure and offer further services as required.


Well Woman / Menopause / HRT, Well Man and Blood Pressure Reviews

These are included in routine surgery times.


Healthy Heart Clinic

All patients with ischaemic heart disease are supported and reviewed regularly at our Healthy Heart clinic.


Hypertension Clinic

All patients with hypertension are supported and reviewed regularly at our Hypertension clinic.

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Travel Clinic

The Practice does not currently offer a travel advice service. We can provide you with a print out of your vaccination history free of charge by request. For advice you will need to go to a private travel clinic of which there are plenty in the Oxfordshire area.

Local Providers of Private Travel Immunisations

Marston Travel Centre

Old Road

Tel: 01865 243824

Oxford Private Medical Practice

Mayfield House
256 Banbury Road

Tel: 01865 423425

The Manor Hospital

Beech Road

Tel: 01865 307777

Roundway Pharmacy

3 The Roundway

Tel: 01865 766994

When you have received your travel advice and know which vaccinations you require the surgery can give Hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, cholera, and any combined vaccine that has one of these disease protections in it.

We have a limited number of appointments available and at popular travel times there may be a delay before we can offer you an appointment so please book as early as possible.


Joint Injections

We provide some minor procedures including joint injections. Please book an appointment with your GP for them to assess your particular needs.


Foot Care Service – Solemates

This toe nail cutting service is not currently running at Donnington. Please contact Solemates directly to book an appointment.

  • Tel: 01865 717777

Benefits Advice

Due to COVID-19 this service is not currently being offered at Donnington Medical Partnership please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.


Clinical Pharmacist

Our pharmacy team offer telephone appointments for medication reviews. Please contact reception to arrange an appointment.