Donnington Medical Partnership

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To register for online services – please click HERE

To view our practice boundary and see if you are eligible to register, please click HERE

We are currently accepting new NHS patients, to register with us there are two forms you need to complete. Please download the forms listed above or drop into the surgery to get a copy. Once complete please return these to reception and you will be registered by the start of the following week. If you require treatment on a more urgent basis then please inform the receptionist.

Where necessary we will require documentary evidence to support a registration request (see ‘Entitlement to Register’ below).  All patients registering with the Practice have a right to express a preference for a male or female practitioner and will be asked to indicate their preference on the registration form. We will also ask patients to make an appointment with the Practice Nurse for a New Registration Examination. During this examination, the nurse will carry out full health screening i.e. blood pressure, height, weight, and, past and present medical history. Please Note:  Medical cards are not issued routinely. Thames Valley Primary Care Agency will only issue medical cards if a request is made in writing (see ‘Useful Telephone Numbers’).

Entitlement to Register

Patients will be entitled to register as an NHS patient and to receive free care if they:

  • are ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK with a ‘settled purpose’, or
  • present an E128 valid for treatment in the UK, or
  • present an E112 which relates to the same treatment as required by the patient, or
  • are a refugee who has been given leave to remain in the UK or are awaiting the results of their application to remain in the UK
  • Is a resident of a European Economic Area country and has an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card).

Even if a patient is not entitled to register as a permanent patient, the Practice will provide any patient with free health care if the treatment required is:

  • immediately required as a result of an accident or emergency, or
  • is essential treatment which cannot reasonably be delayed until the patient returns to their home country, or
  • is required as a result of a condition which has been exacerbated during the patients stay in the UK

Patients who do not fall into any of the above categories will not be entitled to free healthcare. However, the Practice may be able to offer treatment on a private basis.

Download a registration form

  1. All patients must complete this form : REGISTRATION FORM

    (please try and include as much information as possible on your past medical history and medications, immunisations etc).

You need to provide PROOF OF PHOTO IDENTIFICATION  and PROOF OF ADDRESS if you would like to register as a permanent patient. To see a list of documents accepted please click HERE.